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Text Ads - Do they really work?

The boom and bust of the late 90's are likely to have left you with the distinct feeling that web sites do nothing but suck in funding and churn out redundancies. Banner Ads, the godsend of the late 90's and maker of such fortunes as Hotmail and Yahoo! are now something that are shunned more than Microsoft Frontpage.

The truth however is that for the able entrepreneur, a website can be quite a money maker, even using only Ad sales.

Programs such as AdRevenue allow you to sell text ads (the type you see on Google) on your web site, banner ads have lost favor with most people, however, with a specific audience you can still sell a reasonable amount.

The latest offering from Google, in the form of AdSense, allows you to automate the process of placing text ads on your web site, and for the first time you don't need to have traffic in excess of 20 million (the requirement for AdWords).

Generally the click through for Text Ads does tend to be slightly higher than than for standard ads, this is likely as a result of there being more information and less advertising hype. (Read the entire Hasenmark Text Ad report).

The old rules are still the best, craming your web site full of irrelevant links will on detract from your eventual aim, to sell or get a click. Instead take a moment to think about your audience and what they are interested in.

In summary, Text Ads will never rise to the revered status of Banner Ads during the dot com days, however, they are a useful source of revenue and can add extensive value to your website, if used correctly.

By Amanda Hicks

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